36 Dominion Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

T: +64 9 489 5417 F: +64 9 489 5323

E: reception@rosmini.school.nz


Mighty Overseer, may we live within Your bounds
Lead us to victory,
Teach us how to love

We are called to walk in the light
We are strengthened through Christ
We will stand for what is right
We are men
We are one
We are true Rosminians

Father, glory given,
Teach us to be true
Our talents and our strengths,
May we use to honour You


God of pow’r and might,
May we go forth from this place
Filled with the Spirit,
As we build a world of faith


We are men
We are one
We are true Rosminians


Lord, Help us to be a school of dignity, integrity and fairness as we try to live out the maxims of Antonio Rosmini; to desire only, without limits, to please God and to be just, to direct our thoughts and actions to the glory of God's Church To accept calmly what God wills for us through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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