36 Dominion Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

T: +64 9 489 5417 F: +64 9 489 5323

E: reception@rosmini.school.nz

Zone map

Priority 1:
Preference students enrolled in our contributing schools:

  • St John’s, Mairangi Bay
  • St Joseph’s, Takapuna
  • St Leo’s, Devonport
  • St Mary’s, Northcote
  • Stella Maris, Silverdale

Priority 2:
Students who are the children of employees of Rosmini College.

Priority 3:
Brothers of present preference students.

Priority 4:
Brothers/sons of past preference students who are in zone.

Priority 5:
Preference students transferring from Catholic Intermediate or Secondary schools in other parts of Auckland, New Zealand or overseas who are going to be living in zone.

Priority 6:
Brothers/sons of past preference students who are not in zone.

Priority 7:
All other preference students who are in zone.

Priority 8:
Preference students who are out of zone.

Non-preference students will only be enrolled if places remain after all preferential applicants have been enrolled.  A maximum of 5% non-preference students are allowable.

In this grouping, priority will be given in the following order:

  • Brothers of current non-preference students
  • Brothers/sons of past non-preference students who are in zone
  • Other non-preference students who are in zone.


  • The Headmaster reserves the right to accept or decline any applicants, including those from the contributing schools.
  • The school will give priority to those parents who can show a clear and concrete commitment to their son’s Catholic faith development.
  • For the zone boundaries see map.  The boundary extends as far north as Warkworth.
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