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On Thursday, 10th September, the Rosmini College Year 12 Hospitality and Catering students set up and ran their own café in the Food Technology room. The Rozza College Café sold various coffees, hot chocolates and food to staff and their families.


Decode: Rosmini's Computer Programming, Game Development and 3D Modeling club continues to be a hit with our students, with about 30 students meeting every Wednesday to pursue their interests in Programming and 3D Modeling.

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On Saturday, 12th September thirteen Rosmini College Intermediate students, their family members and teaching staff put on a Term 3 Gala dinner for Chefs for Compassion. Chefs for Compassion is a programme in which students at a school, supported by their parents and teaching staff, help families who are experiencing difficult times by cooking them a special meal. Rosmini College’s HOD of Food Technology, Mrs Sue van der Spuy says, “For this dinner we were honoured to serve a family from the Open Home Foundation. This family has been involved in fostering young children and helping them out in difficult situations.

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Rosmini College have been doing a fairly innovative Level 3 Digital Technological Course for the past three years. For 22 NCEA Credits, students take part in a game development project. Much like you would research, design and make a chair or a table in other Technology subjects, these students have researched game development tools and techniques, used agile software development to run their project and created a game in approximately 14 weeks. 

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On 17th August two Rosmini College Level 3 Economics classes, along with their teachers Mr Navin Kumar and Mr Mark Free, travelled to Wellington for a two day trip. On their first day the students visited Parliament House’s Debating Chamber, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand and The Treasury. The next day the students visited the High Court of Wellington, Statistics New Zealand and Te Papa. Mr Kumar concludes, “It has been an amazing experience for many Level 3 Economics students. They now could see the real connection between classroom economics and the real world around them.” The students were Jack Bergin, Grover Brick, Jack Cody, Lachlan Cunniffe, Sam Curtis, Josh Du Rand, Mate Finlay, Todd Gibbs, Jordan Hercock, Clay Hughes, Stephen Kerr-Phillips, Paul Kim, Hamish Marsden, Scott Martin, Cooper Murdoch, James Pang, Matthew Quensell, Jordan Quensell, Ryan Rodrigues, Kieran Seedall, Brendan Shardlow, Kyle Simmonds, Brayden Smith, Sam Sorensen, Charlie Timings, Nicholas Wood and John Yang.

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