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Years 7 & 8: All welcome to the Japanese Cultural Club which starts from WED, 29th April at 12.05pm in A4. There will be a lot of hands-on activities.

Japanese Cultural Club Poster

Year 11 Japanese students tasted one of the Japan's popular foods called okonomiyaki. It is a mix of eggs meat, cabbage and the special okonomiyaki flower. Toppings consist of a special sauce, mayonnaise, dried shaved bonito and roasted seaweed.

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Two technology students, Alex O'Neill and Spencer Taylor, have spent part of their holiday break away from regular classes making good use of skills learnt during technology lessons in the 2014 school year. They were challenged with the task of designing and building a bespoke platform with adjustable legs to accommodate a rowing machine previously sitting on an uncomfortable, uneven, surface.

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At the start of the 2015 year all students in Years 12 and 13 will have the opportunity to apply for positions available in real world student run businesses as part of the well established highly credible, nationwide Young Enterprise Scheme, which involves over three thousand secondary students each year. http://www.youngenterprise.org.nz/ It is anticipated that this co-curricular activity, designed to develop real world business skills, will include combined Rosmini College and Carmel College initiated businesses. Our YES teams will work with the support of mentors from the North Shore business community, including enthusiastic Rosminians currently in business.

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"We have been working hard all term, and finally our magazines are all finished. We have used all our new learning about magazines and advertising, and created our own magazines. Read more ...

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