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Years 11 & 12 Japanese students explored the Auckland Zoo in Japanese and experienced Japanese dining on 04th July, 2014.

The students were given their instructions Japanese and answered all questions in Japanese while visiting to the zoo. The trip was fun and the students found out about New Zealand animals in a foreign language.

The students communicated in Japanese with the waitresses successfully when they visited to a local Japanese restaurant for their lunch. Not only did they enjoy traditional meals but also applied their cultural knowledge appropriately.

Students practise writing vocabulary on individual small whiteboard.  One student asks questions and then assess the rest of the students' writing.  With each student getting a chance to be the assessor, students notice their mistakes and which in turns helps them with their learning.

Rosmini College Food Technology students have been part of a worldwide ‘Food Revolution Day’, hosted by Jamie Oliver and taste tested international food, produced by Chris Fortune. They have been part of the ‘Teens Can Cook’ programme and been shown the delicate art of cake decorating by Nina, ‘Make Cakes’ Pretty.

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