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·         We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both in word and in action. We are willing to stand up to opposition and preach Gospel values in a world whose values are often contrary to the message of Jesus. We are willing to endure suffering and rejection, as did Jesus, for the sake of the Gospel and to speak up for what we believe to be right, just, and true.



Today, in New Zealand, we are very blessed to be living in a climate of religious tolerance. We can count ourselves very lucky not to live in the multitude of countries where religious extremism and militancy pervade. However, living in a society with such diverse cultures and values, we can easily fall into the trap of staying silent when people propose changes which fly in the face of our Gospel values, because we don’t want to rock the boat or upset others. To compromise our values through our silence or inaction actually sends out the message that we actually do not value very much the teachings of Jesus. In today’s society we need to ask ourselves more than ever “Do I value the Gospel, and have I the courage to proclaim it when such values come under threat?”



Dear Lord,

I thank you for the gospel values

 that have been handed down to me by my ancestors.

 In a world where many of these values are under threat,

help me to foster and protect them for generations to come.

Give me the courage never to compromise my Christian values,

but to proclaim them in word an action,

through Christ, Our Lord.



  • ·         Rosmini had a Mufti Day Gold Coin donation for Caritas’s Solidarity with Syria Appeal in the middle of August which raised $2359. This money was sent to Caritas who are working hard to provide food, clean water and shelter to the thousands of innocent people caught up in the war in Syria.
  •          On the 19th August, twelve Catholic Character students were involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Street Appeal in Takapuna. The boys worked in pairs, six in the morning and six in the afternoon. The CF association was very pleased that they collected $637 in donations over the day.
  • ·         Year 13 and Year 12 celebrated their Rite 2 Reconciliation Liturgies in the Auditorium on the 31st August and 21st September respectively. Nine priests from the North Shore Deanery officiated and, as usual, our students conducted themselves at both services with great reverence.
  • ·         Young Vinnies students participated in workshops during Schools Peace Week at Westlake Girls College. The theme this year was ‘Dialogues for Peace’ and the students participated in a number of activities to do with this theme.
  • ·         Over September a large number of Year 12 students in Young Vinnies have committed themselves to the De Paul House Homework Club for next year, which is very encouraging.
  • ·         Chefs for Compassion hosted two dinners in September – on the 17th September, the Year 7 group hosted a family from the Open Home Foundation and the following week, the Year 8 group hosted a family from Women’s Refuge. The Year 8 Champions for Compassion have successfully liaised with Takapuna Normal and introduced them to the project.



Devotion to Mary
We are devoted to Mary, the Mother of God, and see the saints as true examples of holiness and faith. We pray through Mary and the saints and ask them to intercede for us.

We strive to follow Jesus’ teachings in our lives:
to love God above all else and to love others, to practice forgiveness and mercy, to care for the poor and helpless.

We believe in the Holy Spirit and in the Spirit’s powerful presence in the Church today
The Spirit, given by Jesus to the Church at Pentecost, enables the Lord to continue to be present with us today and to continue his saving mission. The Spirit imparts wisdom and knowledge to us and gives us our various spiritual gifts, which are found in the Bible. We are called to recognize and share these gifts with the community. The Spirit helps us to continue to develop our faith and to grow in our relationship with God.

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