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Devotion to Mary
We are devoted to Mary, the Mother of God, and see the saints as true examples of holiness and faith. We pray through Mary and the saints and ask them to intercede for us.

We strive to follow Jesus’ teachings in our lives:
to love God above all else and to love others, to practice forgiveness and mercy, to care for the poor and helpless.

We believe in the Holy Spirit and in the Spirit’s powerful presence in the Church today
The Spirit, given by Jesus to the Church at Pentecost, enables the Lord to continue to be present with us today and to continue his saving mission. The Spirit imparts wisdom and knowledge to us and gives us our various spiritual gifts, which are found in the Bible. We are called to recognize and share these gifts with the community. The Spirit helps us to continue to develop our faith and to grow in our relationship with God.

What does “I am Catholic” mean for people today?

People become members of the Catholic Church when they are baptised as young children or when they choose to enter the Church for various reasons. Members of the Church have different understandings of what makes them Catholic. However, there is a common thread that binds all Catholics together – our basic beliefs and values.

Over the course of the year we will look at these beliefs and values, and how we express them in our everyday lives. Below are the first two beliefs that Catholics profess:

  • We believe in God who is our loving Father and creator. God’s love is limitless and overflows into our hearts and lives. God has created us out of His love that sustains and supports us daily.
  • We believe that God sent us His own beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered, died and rose from the dead, to save us and offer us the gift of eternal life. We profess faith in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Jesus is our Lord and Saviour, our Shepherd and King.
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