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  • On August 14th, we held a Mass in celebration of the Feast of the Assumption, in the auditorium. Despite this being a voluntary Mass, close to 400 students attended this celebration, which speaks volumes for our students’ commitment to the Catholic character of our school.
  • Year 12 and Year 11 celebrated Rite 2 of the Sacrament of Reconciliation on the 12th and 19th August. Nine priests from the North Shore Deanery officiated at each celebration. Read more ...

In light of the dreadful Syrian  Refugee crisis that has been all over our news headlines lately, here is a reflection and prayer.

The following words are from a poem entitled 'The New Collossus' by Emma Lazarus, and were written over a hundred years ago:

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“Thank You for looking at ways that you can help women who come from our communities and will return to our communities. Last week I had the honour of listening to someone who had spent a lot of time as a young man in prison and how education became a tool for transformative change in his life. The ability to lead a life of dignity and to have the support and trust of others is important for people whose lives have led them in doing things that have harmed others and hurt themselves. Taking responsibility for your actions is very important but we must also create communities that support those who have fallen. These acts of support do not need to be large things but just ways that we demonstrate that we care for those in our community”- Tracey Mcintosh to Young Vinnies

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As we did with Mother’s Day in May, we are extending the Challenge to ALL Young Vinnies and ALL students in our Rosminian Community to take Dad out on Father’s Day, Sunday 6 September, to acknowledge them and thank them for all they do in our lives.

If it isn’t possible to take him out on the day then the request is to put on a meal or something special for him during the day. E.g. sole control of the TV remote for the day!

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Reflection and Prayer

Blaise Pascal, one of the world’s greatest mathematicians and scientists, once talked of the need for us to pause and rest and think in quietness. He wrote: “All the troubles of life come upon us because we refuse to sit quietly for a while each day, each of us in our own room.”

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