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International Dean Newsletter - Term 4, 2016


Welcome back to a busy Term 4.  It’s great to see so many of our international students returning refreshed and well from the break at the end of Term 3, renewing friendships and  routines as they are reintegrated back into the Rosmini College community.

The term breaks are always a good time to reflect upon the past terms performance and establish goals for the up and coming term.

For international students, new challenges are key to making the most of the learning opportunities at Rosmini College. This could involve making a new friend, working harder to master a particular subject area or trying a new sport.  There will undoubtedly be initial failure, but perseverance and resilience will lead to success, a sense of accomplishment and hopefully an invaluable new skill.  As Albert Einstein once said ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new’.

Term 4 is the final term of a long and productive year and students should take this opportunity to reflect upon the year.  Have they met their goals? If so, what more can I achieve by the end of the year? If not, what can I do to achieve them?

Hopefully students can finish the year well so that they can look back and be proud of their successes through the year.  Excited to be returning to their families at Christmas for a well-earned rest.

I look forward to the challenges and success this term will bring and should you have and questions regarding the Term 4 program or your sons progress, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr Sarraf.

Yours sincerely,



Student Program – Term Four


Senior students (Years 11 – Years 13)


Students sitting NCEA examinations:-

On Friday 4th November, timetabled lessons will stop for students sitting NZQA examinations. This is due to students sitting formal examinations or preparing for them.  Students have two options during this time:-

i)    Examination revision at school in dedicated study areas.


ii)    Examination revision at the homestay or local library, this can only take place with permission from the homestay and either Mr Sarraf or Mr Plummer.

It is not permissible for students to socially meet during normal school hours, this is study time.  We would recommend students come to school and study.


Senior students not sitting NCEA:-

These students continue to have a full academic program provided.  The emphasis of this program will be to provide extra English tuition to help with their studies next year.  The program will also incorporate other components such as Science, Maths and Physical education.  Some excursions are also planned to explore some of the beautiful and interesting attractions within Auckland.  The students will be recording their activities using a BLOG, so agents and family can follow their progress.



Junior students

These students will continue with their normal academic program.  This program is assessed towards the end of the year and the students’ progress will be fully reported on towards the end of term 4.  With this in mind, students should be encouraged to start a revision program, refreshing their memories with facts, skills and techniques from the beginning of the year.








Nixon Cooper                  

Contact phone:

+ 64 9 489 5417

 School address:    

36 Dominion Street, Takapuna,

Auckland, New Zealand



 Contact person for agents, name and position:       

Nazih Sarraf – International Student Liaison Officer - Phone + 64 9 488 3764 DDI

 Contact person’s email for agents:      

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School brief description:

Rosmini College is a Catholic school for boys from Year 7 to Year 13 (approximately 11-18 years of age) with a student roll of 1090.



The college was founded by the Rosminian Institute of Charity in 1962 and celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2012.  The school’s educational philosophy is that of Antonio Rosmini, the founder of the Order.  This philosophy encompasses the pursuit of excellence for all boys.  In addition we promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils. Therefore we prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. 


Rosmini College is affirmed as one of Auckland’s leading achievers both academically and on the sports field.  The school delivers to boys a wide range of learning opportunities and maintains a commitment to enhancing leadership and community service awareness.  It has a very positive tone, centred around good leadership, sound discipline, excellence in standards expected of all, and a focus on boys’ learning.  Our students are proud to be part of the Rosmini College community.



There is a strong demand for places in the college, exemplifying the high regard in which Rosmini is held in the community.


Rosmini welcomes the cultural diversity that international students bring to our college.  Our ESOL Director and teachers work to support international students and ensure their happy integration into student life in New Zealand.  Besides offering individual and small group tuition in English, each student has access to excellent computer and audio visual facilities.  Personal e-mail is freely available, enabling students to maintain easy and frequent contact with home.  ESOL classes are available as part of the tuition fees.



School’s 2015 Academic NCEA Achievements: 

Rosmini College is in the top percentage of schools that achieve both in NCEA Levels 1, 2 & 3 and in National Scholarship.  Rosmini obtained 29 Scholarships and had an NCEA pass rate of

·         97% at Level 1

·         97% at Level 2

·         98% at Level 3

Our students’ academic success is very important to us and the majority of the boys continue on to Tertiary study.

87% of Rosmini graduates went on to New Zealand and overseas universities with 13% choosing employment.

Click on www.rosmini.school.nz to see how strong the college is in its academic pursuits.


Application process for international students

All applicants are interviewed for suitability.  English language proficiency is assessed to ensure it is sufficient to be successful in the course offered.



Rosmini College offers National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels 1 to 3 and Scholarship.


English as a second language programmes:

The ESOL programme is designed to ensure that all students are given the best possible opportunities to reach their full potential in learning English.  The senior courses are designed with achievement in NCEA and university entrance as an important focus.

Learning English opens doors for students on the international market.  Within New Zealand, studying ESOL facilitates entry to University study.

At all levels, studying ESOL covers the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Areas of study include research projects, analysis of film and literature and giving presentations.


Tuition costs for international students

Total cost is $16,250.00 for the year ($14,250 tuition fee and $2,000 administration fee)

The fee will be unchanged for 2016.   


International students’ accommodation:  

Rosmini College will manage homestay accommodation if required.


Sports and extracurricular activities

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Water-polo, Badminton, Tennis, Judo, Tae Kwon Do,  Athletics, Extracurricular Drama, Orchestra, Choir, Debating and Lacrosse.


Student support services and programmes

Our International Student Pastoral Care team provides excellent support for all our students studying at Rosmini College.  Our peer support and buddy programme helps new students with orientation and settling into school.  In addition, we have Korean, Japanese and Chinese teacher aides helping our International Students.


Features of the local area:


The College is situated on Auckland’s North Shore close to the centre of Takapuna and on major bus routes.  It is close to shopping centres, beaches, coastal walks and natural beauty.  The community is famous for its safe environment, Kiwi lifestyle and world class activities. 

Rosmini College Year 8 International Student, Yamato Inoue (12), who comes from Japan, had a wonderful time with friends at the Term Four Intermediate School Camp held at Shakespear Regional Park. Rosmini’s HOD of ESOL, Mrs Linda Whitcombe says, “Who says studying in New Zealand is all work and no play!!”

On Thursday, 3rd March, Rosmini College’s Year 7 – 13 International Students went on an orientation trip around Auckland. The group was led by Head of ESOL, Mrs Linda Whitcombe accompanied by the International Students Officer, Mr Nazih Sarraf, the Homestays Coordinator, Ms Cathy Bell and Teacher Aide, Mrs Sharron Miers.The students visited Devonport’s North Head which is a famous historical landmark and they enjoyed exploring the tunnels, guns, searchlight emplacements and other fortifications.

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Rosmini College Year 13 International Student, Changwon (John) Yang won the Mohammed Trophy for Effort and Determination in Mathematics and the Top International Student Cup at the school’s recent Senior Prize Giving. The South Korean student is pictured with fellow Year 13 student, Jordan Quensell who won the Outstanding Pasifika award. Rosmini’s HOD of ESOL, Mrs Linda Whitcombe says the Top International award was “well-deserved as John had not only the best all round academic results but he had helped in the wider school, notably running a Korean Homework club throughout the year. Well done John. We will miss you!”

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