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International Dean Newsletter - Term 4, 2016


Welcome back to a busy Term 4.  It’s great to see so many of our international students returning refreshed and well from the break at the end of Term 3, renewing friendships and  routines as they are reintegrated back into the Rosmini College community.

The term breaks are always a good time to reflect upon the past terms performance and establish goals for the up and coming term.

For international students, new challenges are key to making the most of the learning opportunities at Rosmini College. This could involve making a new friend, working harder to master a particular subject area or trying a new sport.  There will undoubtedly be initial failure, but perseverance and resilience will lead to success, a sense of accomplishment and hopefully an invaluable new skill.  As Albert Einstein once said ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new’.

Term 4 is the final term of a long and productive year and students should take this opportunity to reflect upon the year.  Have they met their goals? If so, what more can I achieve by the end of the year? If not, what can I do to achieve them?

Hopefully students can finish the year well so that they can look back and be proud of their successes through the year.  Excited to be returning to their families at Christmas for a well-earned rest.

I look forward to the challenges and success this term will bring and should you have and questions regarding the Term 4 program or your sons progress, please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr Sarraf.

Yours sincerely,



Student Program – Term Four


Senior students (Years 11 – Years 13)


Students sitting NCEA examinations:-

On Friday 4th November, timetabled lessons will stop for students sitting NZQA examinations. This is due to students sitting formal examinations or preparing for them.  Students have two options during this time:-

i)    Examination revision at school in dedicated study areas.


ii)    Examination revision at the homestay or local library, this can only take place with permission from the homestay and either Mr Sarraf or Mr Plummer.

It is not permissible for students to socially meet during normal school hours, this is study time.  We would recommend students come to school and study.


Senior students not sitting NCEA:-

These students continue to have a full academic program provided.  The emphasis of this program will be to provide extra English tuition to help with their studies next year.  The program will also incorporate other components such as Science, Maths and Physical education.  Some excursions are also planned to explore some of the beautiful and interesting attractions within Auckland.  The students will be recording their activities using a BLOG, so agents and family can follow their progress.



Junior students

These students will continue with their normal academic program.  This program is assessed towards the end of the year and the students’ progress will be fully reported on towards the end of term 4.  With this in mind, students should be encouraged to start a revision program, refreshing their memories with facts, skills and techniques from the beginning of the year.






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