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Congratulations to Rosmini College Year 13 student, Taine Wattie who has been selected for the Junior Warriors.




Our Catholic Beliefs and Values



·         We are committed to the protection of all of life, in all stages. We pray for the protection of all of human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. We also work to strive to respect the dignity of every human being and to eliminate prejudice, oppression, poverty, violence and injustice.



 Many of us will remember a song that was popular many years ago entitled, ‘You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Sadly, in the present day, millions of people, out of desperation, have to live as refugees. The civil war in Syria has forced hundreds of thousands of innocent people to flee their homeland and those who cannot flee, live in fear for their lives every day.  The world they live in reeks of oppression, poverty, violence and injustice, where few, it seems, respect their dignity and their right to live in peace. 

 Pope Francis has asked people all over the world to join together in solidarity for the people of Syria, by praying for peace in that country. Below is a prayer entitled Syria Peace is Possible that thousands of Christians around the world have prayed recently, in solidarity with the people of Syria. Please join in this prayer.



 Lord our God,

Father of all humanity,

Change the hearts of all peoples and their rulers,

so that peace may be established among the nations

on the foundation of justice, love and righteousness.

May the Spirit of Peace descend upon the people of Syria

and upon our world

until all conflicts cease

and peace reigns on earth.






On Monday, 17th October the following Year 12 students were presented with their Young Vinnies badges by Rosmini College’s Headmaster, Mr Nixon Cooper at Assembly – Keefe-Jordan Durney, Ander Castelltort, Romwell Ramos, Vince Say, Jose Lauro, Amro Wadee, Chris Macdonald, James Malik, Michael Sholji, Fady Ghazzi and Preston Mackay.



Congratulations to Year 13 Prefect and Young Vinnie, Michael Young (17) of Murrays Bay who has received a Founder Award. The Blessed Rosalie Award is presented to a student who exemplifies the spirit of Blessed Rosalie Rendu.  This is the first time this Award has been given and Michael was one of four recipients. Congratulations Michael!


On Saturday, 15th October, the Young Vinnies Leaders across Auckland gathered for a Thanksgiving liturgy at the McLaurin chapel in the University of Auckland. This event was to commend them on all the hard work they've done this year working with the less privileged in our society and they were presented with certificates acknowledging their efforts.



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