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2016 School Fees

2016 fees statements will be posted to parents in mid-February. We always wait until the school roll has settled before setting up the statements so as to avoid sending statements to families whose son has left. Some leavers are not confirmed until the first week or more of the new school year has passed.

Once again, the school components are unchanged but, as usual, there has been a small increase in the compulsory  Attendance Dues which the school collects on behalf of the Diocese – all Dues money is sent on to the Auckland Common Fund, the Diocese’s collection department.

Full details of the split of fees/contributions will be on the statements, however , the totals involved are ( with younger brother discounts noted )

  • Yrs 9-13: $1,860  -  sibling $1,460
  • Yrs 7-8: $1,464 – sibling $1,064

At present school fees can not be paid via the online shop.

Yr 13 Geography - Muriwai Trip No 2

NZD14,00 each


Your son is going on a Year 13 Geography field trip to the Muriwai Coastal Environment on Thursday, 1st June. 

Your son will be involved in research on this day as part of AS91430 (Conduct geographic research with consultation). 

The cost of the bus for the trip is $14.00.  

The boys will not be permitted to swim for safety reasons.

The boys should bring their own lunch.

The boys may wear mufti and jandals and should bring sunscreen. 

The bus will return to school by 3.10pm. 

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